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How Heating With Wood Can Save You Money This Winter

Anyone who has been to the petrol station in the last couple of months can’t help but notice the soaring cost of fuel.

The average cost of petrol struck a record-high of 191.53p and diesel-199.03p.

In fact, when you compare domestic gas prices and domestic electricity prices of May 2021 and May 2022, there’s been a 95% rise in domestic gas prices and 54% rise in domestic electricity prices.`

Experts have listed a number of factors driving the fuel crisis.

One of them is the return of demand as countries around the globe opened up after the covid restrictions while production was still lower than normal. 

Another factor is the dollar price increase in oil price in March and the fall of the value of the Sterling at the time.

Also, the growing “crack spread” (the price gap between the crude oil entering refineries and the wholesale price of the petrol or diesel leaving them) is another driver of the fuel crisis. The climbing crack spread followed the reduction of the refining capacity in Europe and the east coast of the US.

And finally, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has disrupted the supply side. Russia’s oil is being boycotted amidst sanctions from various countries. And the UK depends on Russia for nearly one-fifth of its diesel needs according to the BBC and 8% of its total oil needs.    

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Consider Heating With Wood to Save Money


As the Government tries to ease the impact of the fuel crisis, it’s becoming more expensive to heat homes. Experts have suggested heating with wood is a viable option. 


According to the Energy Saving Trust, you can reduce household bills by up to 10% by firing up wood-burning stoves. And based on Ofgem’s latest price cap prediction of  £2800, that means you’ll be saving up to £280 per month.


How Does Heating With Wood Save You Money?


The Cost Of Purchasing And Installing Wood Burners Are Lower


Though there isn’t a static purchase price, the cost of purchasing and installing wood burners are almost always lower than other options like heat pumps and gas boilers.

Express reported that installing an alternative such as a heat pump could cost up to £16,000. While installing wood burners usually ranges from £500 and £5000 (if you’re opting for luxury designs).

Though, other factors like whether your building has a chimney and a flue system might impact the


Overall, wood burners are usually cheaper.


Reduced Operating Costs


When you’ve met the initial purchase and installation costs, the running cost of wood burners are reduced compared to gas and electric options.

In a news article published by Express, The Stove Industry Alliance pegged the running costs of wood burners for a household at about one-third of the electricity heating bills and 13 percent less than a gas central heating system.

It was explained that an average of 3.5 cubic metres of wood will be used up from mid-October to mid-April if wood burners are used in the evenings and at weekends for heating. 

And with the cost of a cubic metre of kiln dried logs around £120 to £140, the average running cost for the colder months will be between £420 to £490.

Also, the fear of forgetting to turn-off your heating system and adding to your bills is gone. Because wood burners can’t work unless you’re there to build a fire.

And you can start fires with a trigger torch or propane canister that last for years.


But Are They Eco-friendly?



This is a question that might be giving you cold feet on switching to wood as your heating source. 

The thing is, in January 2020, the UK government put in place a Clean Air Strategy which has forced manufacturers of wood burners like wood stoves to up the efficiency of their products.

These eco-design stoves are environmentally friendly and produce fewer emissions. They burn wood efficiently.

And also when you allow professionals from CALA Heating to do the installation, you’ll rest assured of a correct installation that ensures low emissions. 

Moreover, wood is a renewable resource gotten from sustainably managed sources.

The wood logs are a product of the thinning process (controlled removal of some plants) which helps conservation by ensuring the trees aren’t choked up-that means you’re not depleting Earth. 


Reduce The Impact Of The Fuel Crisis On Your Wallet By Burning With Wood


Do you want some relief from the impact of the fuel crisis?

If yes, turn to wood as your heating source. As you can see from the explanations above, wood burners are cheaper heating alternatives. 

Because the purchase, installation, and running costs are lower compared to other heating options. 


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